Theory and Practice

Even in the sex and intimate life of people there are some basic schemes and common procedures. Someone is preparing for them theoretically, the practice of neglect, sometimes others devote themselves only to practice, the theory of the temporary as useless. They are two extremes, none of which appear to be the optimal one. So where is the truth? There is always the best possible compromise, where both components are represented, even to varying degrees for each person individually.
What to know
A person is equipped with certain genetic equipment that automatically leads him in many activities. But most human behavior and behaviour, skills are given by education and training. With some exaggeration, it is possible to say that a person can get a good and natural instinct for sex. But what men have to do in the direction of satisfying women so that they enjoy sex as much as possible and are more firmly attached to the man, that will not teach you the instinces!