Don’t worry!

In vain it is said that whoever is afraid must not be in the woods. It's quite logical. At least in our day. In totalitarian space, everyone could only be allowed into military spaces. And the truth is, that the unfriendly bastard had been in the tramps, or the cops with the sleds picked up some sort of settlement and burned it in the woods built by the log cabin. It can't be in the woods today. Where the private owner is today, the princes prohibit and break the nudist beaches on the banks of the Highlands and the like. Among this, ecological activists are still running and throwing tourists not only with sweads, but also with cones and prickling balls of burdock. So don't be afraid of the woods! It's nice.
Who is afraid
But who is afraid to stay home. Pleasant environment can be in the apartment, equipped with nice wooden furniture, fireplace with fragrant logs of hardwood, or floating floors. It's safer there than in the woods, you won't catch a tick or rabies, you're not stepping on the mushroom "Subpaper". Just Veget and tranquility!