An indispensable light source for years

The lamp has been an indispensable light source of light radiation for decades and although over the years it has undergone a long range of changes and is still needed in its development. Their use is really very wide. Of course, no one of you can imagine that the streets would be illuminated by gas lamps or even by the meadow. You can also imagine that you would shine with candles in the workshop or shop. And we must not forget about the special types of these light sources that have found their use in the flea cameras or in neon signs on the walls or in the cultivation of plants. As you can see, today's world does not do without these great light sources and we are prepared for you in the highest quality at very favourable price conditions.
For outdoor and indoor use
So if you're looking for outdoor lamps, it's clear that you choose from our range of mercury or sodium, which are characterized by a really long service life, high-quality luminous flux, good visibility and, of course, a great price. However, if you are looking for lighting for the shop window or the light of the exhibition or production hall, you can certainly choose from a wide range of our metal halide light sources. If you do not know what type is most suitable for your purposes, please contact us and we will gladly advise you. In our varied offer you can find only high-quality species from the world producers at very advantageous price conditions.