Tesla Technology

Experience the most advanced electric vehicle with AutoPilot technology at the Tesla technology demonstration. Participate as a passenger or driver and see first-hand the latest developments in zero emission and AutoPilot technology. See the revolutionary Model X with its Falcon Doors in action for the first time in Australia. Get an exclusive eye to the future in this must-see display of automotive innovation.

Drink Driving Simulator

Ever wondered why drink driving is so dangerous? Strap on the ‘beer googles’ and experience what it’s like to drive with a belly full of grog! The Drink Driving Simulator will blur your vision and impair your sense of balance in a harmless yet eye-opening display.

Glasurit The Amazing Paint Race

BASF is bringing the exciting world of Australia’s automotive spray paint industry to MotorWorld Sydney! BASF’s ‘Amazing Paint Race’ stand will showcase premium refinish paint brand, Glasurit®, as well as colour matching and complex colour development. The display will include a range of interactive activities designed to educate and entertain the whole family. Whether you’re a novice, a car expert or a budding spray paint technician, the Amazing Paint Race is guaranteed to be loads of fun! For more information on Glasurit and BASF, go to  http://www.glasurit.com.au and http://www.basf.com.au

Edutainment Arena

Car Active Safety Tech Demo

The Active Car Safety Demonstration will enable visitors to take the wheel in an incredible state-of-the-art test car to experience the newest active car safety systems. Feel the ABS assist (Anti-lock brake system) kick in when you perform an emergency stop, and the power of the ESC (Electronic Stability Control) as you drive on wet and dry surfaces. Finally, drive your car towards a wall, allowing the crash avoidance system to kick in and stop the car in its tracks. This display will be an incredible spectacle for onlookers and a once in a lifetime training experience for all drivers!

Bike Active Safety Tech Demo

The BMW Safety Demonstration is a must-see event for all motorbike riders and bike enthusiasts. The Active Bike Demo will feature the latest ABS and ESC systems on wet and slippery surfaces. The incredible technology on display will amaze all onlookers as the modern active safety system makes the transition to bikes!

Careers Zone Sponsored by Western Sydney Institute of TAFE

The Careers Zone is designed to educate and inspire young people to consider a career in the auto industry, with workshops including Airbrushing, Basic Servicing Demo, Diagnostic and Scan Tools Explained, Basic Spray Painting, Mirror Wrapping and fun tyre changing competitions. Experts from the Western Sydney Institute of TAFE will present a daily session in the Speakers Corner on Careers in the auto industry. Refer to the daily schedules for more information on session times.

Latest MWS News

Mamamia hits the track on Ladies Day at MotorWorld Sydney
Mamamia Women’s Network enjoyed the drive activities at MotorWorld Sydney on Thursday 1 Dec. The day ended with a cocktail party and round table discussion about women and cars featuring influential women including Mamamia’s Laura Brodnik, Jessie Stephens and Jo Abi. Rally Car Champion Molly Taylor,  V8 super car racing driver Emily Duggan, off-road motorcycle
Dream Machines at MotorWorld Sydney
Jaguar, Lamborghini, Porsche, MacLaren, Ferrari and more on  display and on track Visitors to MotorWorld Sydney will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with more than 30 exotic cars at Sydney Motorsport Park December 1-4. The Exotic Zone will feature the Porsche Cayman GT4, Lamborghini Huracan, Jaguar F-Type Project 7, Lotus Exige
Tesla Technology In Action at MotorWorld Sydney
The latest in electric vehicle technology will be showcased at MotorWorld Sydney from December 1 to December 4 at the Sydney Motorsport Park festival. The Tesla Model S and Model X will demonstrate their unique features including Autopilot, Ludicrous mode and Falcon Wing Doors all available to experience up close over the course of the
Procycles,  will launch its 100% electric Torrot minicycle at MWS
  Another good reason to be at MotorWorld Sydney is that Procycles, Sydney’s Electric Motorcycle specialist, will launch its 100% electric Torrot minicycle. The Torrot mini motorcycles are made in Spain by one of Europe’s oldest manufacturers. Procycles will have the two Torrot electric mini models that have been designed for youngsters four to six