Jaguar Art of Performance Tour Smart Cone Challenge

Jaguar’s Art of Performance Tour is bringing out the big guns with the world-first Smart Cone Challenge. Visitors will experience the dynamic performance of the latest range of Jaguars on road, track and dirt, before putting the exciting F-Type and XE through their paces around a computer-controlled course. The Smart Cone Challenge will be the ultimate test in driving skills and reflexes, combined with the newest technology, making it one of the most popular exhibits at MotorWorld Sydney.

Jaguar Art of Performance Tour F-PACE Ice Cube

Jaguar’s Art of Performance Tour is offering visitors the chance to experience the All Surface Progress Control in one of MotorWorld Sydney’s most talked about demonstrations. The F-PACE Ice Cube will see you tackle a slippery steep incline in Jaguar’s first ever SUV, providing an amazing insight into the vehicle’s incredible control capabilities.

Land Rover Twin Terrapod

In one of the highlights of MotorWorld Sydney, the Jaguar Land Rover team will drive you up an incredibly steep incline and then down an equally confronting descent, demonstrating how versatile these vehicles are. The Twin Terrapod is an experience you cannot miss!

BMW Motorrad Ride Experiences

BMW Motorrad are all about the ride experience and the enjoyment of being on two wheels, catering to all ages at MotorWorld Sydney. The young ones can achieve their BMW ‘Riders License’ on a dedicated course, while the adults can book a two-day off-road training course that will be held on day two and three of the festival. Bookings for the off-road training course can be made directly through BMW Motorrad. If you bring your gear, you can even go a pillion ride around Brabham Circuit. The newest models will be on display in the BrandWorld Zone.

On-Road Skills Training for Young Drivers

The Street Drive will feature a vehicle that exclusively caters to young drivers. Available from Friday to Sunday, you’ll have a chance to improve your skills and have your driving ability assessed by a professional instructor. Spots will fill up quickly, so make your way to the Check-in Centre and book a drive early!

Caravan Parking Test

Have you ever been nervous when reversing your caravan into a tight spot? Here is your chance to learn! Bring a partner along and learn to manoeuvre a camping trailer or caravan like an expert. Perfect for couples – he drives, she directs!

Motorkhana Challenge

The Motorkhana course is the ultimate driving skills test. Test your abilities against other participants as you navigate obstacles, reverse park, perform emergency braking, and swerve to gather points to prove your talents. This is the ultimate challenge for any driver who fancies his or her ability, with a special prize up for grabs for the best performer!

Trailer Reversing Competition

Calling all Trailer Reversing Pros! This is the event for you! Come along and prove your skills in the Trailer Reversing Competition. A daily prize will be up for grabs for the best executed drive. Our experts will also be on hand to train and guide you, making it a great event for those who want to learn the art of trailer reversing too!

Parking Competition

Fancy yourself as a pro parallel parker? The Parking Competition will put your skills to the test as you take the wheel and attempt to set the quickest time without touching the obstacles or the marked lines. Our experts will be on hand to guide you and offer tips, with prizes to be won and pride at stake!

4x4 MotorWorld Sydney

4×4 Rides

Thrilling passenger rides in 4×4 vehicles and ATVs will be run on the challenging 4×4 Track. Steep inclines, impossible obstacles, and scary drops will be navigated by experts in the latest off-road vehicle. Come on a ride you will not forget in a hurry.

Latest MWS News

Mamamia hits the track on Ladies Day at MotorWorld Sydney
Mamamia Women’s Network enjoyed the drive activities at MotorWorld Sydney on Thursday 1 Dec. The day ended with a cocktail party and round table discussion about women and cars featuring influential women including Mamamia’s Laura Brodnik, Jessie Stephens and Jo Abi. Rally Car Champion Molly Taylor,  V8 super car racing driver Emily Duggan, off-road motorcycle
Dream Machines at MotorWorld Sydney
Jaguar, Lamborghini, Porsche, MacLaren, Ferrari and more on  display and on track Visitors to MotorWorld Sydney will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with more than 30 exotic cars at Sydney Motorsport Park December 1-4. The Exotic Zone will feature the Porsche Cayman GT4, Lamborghini Huracan, Jaguar F-Type Project 7, Lotus Exige
Tesla Technology In Action at MotorWorld Sydney
The latest in electric vehicle technology will be showcased at MotorWorld Sydney from December 1 to December 4 at the Sydney Motorsport Park festival. The Tesla Model S and Model X will demonstrate their unique features including Autopilot, Ludicrous mode and Falcon Wing Doors all available to experience up close over the course of the
Procycles,  will launch its 100% electric Torrot minicycle at MWS
  Another good reason to be at MotorWorld Sydney is that Procycles, Sydney’s Electric Motorcycle specialist, will launch its 100% electric Torrot minicycle. The Torrot mini motorcycles are made in Spain by one of Europe’s oldest manufacturers. Procycles will have the two Torrot electric mini models that have been designed for youngsters four to six